Definition of "kwashiorkor" []

  • Severe protein malnutrition, especially in children after weaning, marked by lethargy, growth retardation, anemia, edema, potbelly, skin depigmentation, and hair loss or change in hair color. (noun)
  • Severe malnutrition of infants and young children, esp soon after weaning, resulting from dietary deficiency of protein (noun)

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  • "I notice one young boy's badly swollen feet: they're a sign of a medical condition known as kwashiorkor, or severe protein deficiency."
  • "She had what is called kwashiorkor i.e. severe protein and calorie malnutrition."
  • "It was assumed to be a traveler's version of the widespread tropical deficiency disease called kwashiorkor, from a Gold Coast term meaning "displaced child.""
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