Definition of "kwan" []

  • A silver coin of Annam and Cambodia, equivalent to a string of 600 cash or to 4 francs. (noun)
  • A Japanese unit of weight, equal to 1,000 momme or 8.28 pounds avoirdupois. (noun)
  • A female Chinese Bodhisattva of compassion, regarded as the protector of women and children and patron of sailors (noun)

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Use "kwan" in a sentence
  • "Super bonus points to the congregation that finds a way to squeeze "kwan" or "zaa" into the name, too."
  • "Some of us stay married because along with fancy schools, tae kwan do lessons, and home-cooked organic food, the two-parent marriage is another impressive — and rare — attainment to bestow on our fragile, gifted children."
  • "When a coin du feu feels good! le coin du feu (kwan dew fuuh) noun, masculine"