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  • Sir Hans Adolf. 1900–81, British biochemist, born in Germany, who shared a Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1953) for the discovery of the Krebs cycle (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "As humans we are not required to know about the krebs cycle to know how to live."
  • "In math it is the same thing , and in biology you are also taught the basic structures of the cell and move on to more advanced vocabulary and concepts such as the krebs cycle, DNA , etc."
  • "Report this comment to the moderators krebs cycle Writes:"
  • "And thus the evening breeze, come hither through the reeds and cypress from over the purpling Havel hills beyond, takes on an added perfume, an added bouquet, as it transports itself to the sniffer over to the hurrying _krebs-suppen_ and thick brown-gravied platters and dewy seidels."