Definition of "kran" []

  • The monetary unit of Persia and a current coin, valued at ⅞10 United States cents or one tenth of a toman. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "Gregorian, p. 402, divides the Kabuli rupee as follows for the nineteenth century: 10 dinars to 1 paisa; 5 paisas to 1 copper shahi; 2 shahis to 1 silver sannar or sadinar or misqali; 2 sannar to 1 abbasi or tanga; 1.5 abbasi to 1 kran (qiran); 2 krans to 1 rupee; 2/5 rupees to 1 nim sanad; 5 rupees to one sanad; 20 rupees to 1 toman."
  • "I returned the compliment and told her that she made my kran hurt."
  • "I, too, might go with them on paying fifty _kran_ for the hire of a mule; food and drink I must provide for myself."