Definition of "kraal" []

  • South African A rural village, typically consisting of huts surrounded by a stockade. (noun)
  • South African An enclosure for livestock. (noun)
  • A hut village in southern Africa, esp one surrounded by a stockade (noun)

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  • An enclosure for livestock (noun)
  • Denoting or relating to the tribal aspects of the Black African way of life (adjective)
  • To enclose (livestock) in a kraal (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "kraal" in a sentence
  • "The kraal, which is divided into 50 camps, is on the commonage about one kilometre outside Parys."
  • "Lukwazi, his kraal was the one on the top of the second ridge beyond the Ghoda."
  • "The town is built in a valley, with the exception of Wambe's own kraal, that is situated at the mouth of some caves upon the slope of the opposing mountains, over which I hoped to see our impi's spears flashing in the morrow's light."