Definition of "killing" []

  • Murder; homicide. (noun)
  • A kill; a quarry. (noun)
  • A sudden large profit: made a killing on the stock market. (noun)
  • Intended or apt to kill; fatal. (adjective)
  • Thoroughly exhausting: a killing pace. (adjective)
  • Very tiring; exhausting (adjective)

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  • Extremely funny; hilarious (adjective)
  • Causing death; fatal (adjective)
  • The act of causing death; slaying (noun)
  • A sudden stroke of success, usually financial, as in speculations on the stock market (esp in the phrase make a killing) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "killing" in a sentence
  • ""Then," pursued Marcelline, "you are willing to stand by and see her slowly murdered, inch by inch, by this white-faced devil, who leans over her and professes to love her, but is killing her -- _killing her_, Dieu des dieux!"
  • "I was horrified to hear the term killing field in relation to the toll AIDS is taking in countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia when it comes to this pandemic."
  • "A hate filled zionist who believes in killing is calling a hindu who believes in nonviolence and has jewish relatives an ‘aryan nation’ person."