Definition of "kid" []

  • A young goat. (noun)
  • The young of a similar animal, such as an antelope. (noun)
  • The flesh of a young goat. (noun)
  • Leather made from the skin of a young goat; kidskin. (noun)
  • An article made from this leather. (noun)
  • The young of a goat or of a related animal, such as an antelope (noun)

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  • Soft smooth leather made from the hide of a kid (noun)
  • A young person; child (noun)
  • Younger or being still a child (noun)
  • (of a goat) to give birth to (young) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "kid" in a sentence
  • "I can also read it that she would need a kid to play outside, but I think it's not all about ME (or Ann?) getting to play ... it's playing with a *kid* (preferably more than one, two or more always works better) in the snow."
  • "I have to remind myself when a kid is acting out its more than likely just a way to get attention!"
  • "Just when you think your kid is a wierdo, you find other kids doing the same thing."