Definition of "kh" []

  • A digraph not occurring in native English words, or words of other Teutonic, Romance, Latin,or Greek origin, but common in the transliteration of Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, and other Oriental words, in which it usually represents an aspirated k equivalent to the Scotch and German ch (ċh). (noun)
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  • "The name comes from the Persian word khâk (dust/ashes), which came to English from India, specifically via the British Indian Army."
  • "( "There's no" K "in Klingon, and that's that!" he insisted, illustrating the raspy, back-of-the-throat "kh" - type consonants he'd woven into the lingo instead)."
  • "Miracles are in fact called khāriq al - ` ādah, that which breaks the habit of the mind to connect two phenomena together as cause and effect."