Definition of "kevlar" []

  • A synthetic fibre, consisting of long-chain polyamides, having high tensile strength and temperate resistance (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "kevlar" in a sentence
  • "I have, for example, a Rem .416 in kevlar from the Rem custom gun shop. which is as plain jane as they come, but, for a quality working gun for a working guide on dangerous game, it is one of my favorites."
  • "I don't see deer dogs wearin kevlar vests like Hog Huntin dogs do and some bear dogs."
  • "It's now gotten so bad that they need to have these kids 'parents buy the armor themselves, like these are their school supplies (I wonder if they make those cool yellow raincoats in kevlar?)"
  • "It also features a brake that consists of a kind of kevlar whip set inside the channel of a secondary rim set just out from the tire that tightens around said rim in order to apply braking force, which, though noisy, is also quite fun and novel."
  • "Protective military equipment, such as kevlar, body armour, eye and ear protection will be provided when the group is travelling on military rotary or fixed wing aircraft."