Definition of "karoos" []

  • Any of several high arid plateaus in South Africa, esp the Central Karoo and the Little Karoo. The highveld, north of the Central Karoo, is sometimes called the Northern Karoo (noun)
  • A period or rock system in Southern Africa equivalent to the period or system extending from the Upper Carboniferous to the Lower Jurassic: divided into Lower and Upper Karoo (noun)
  • Of, denoting, or formed in the Karoo period (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "karoos" in a sentence
  • "Upon the "karoos" of Africa there are crack shots and sterling hunters, as well as in the backwoods or on the prairies of America."
  • "Presently Marie entered the room, drawing-to behind her a Kaffir karoos, which served as a curtain, for the door, it will be remembered, had been torn out."
  • "In South Africa it frequents the great plains and dry karoos, stalking about in search of its prey."
  • "They roam in vast flocks upon the wild karoos of South Africa; are inoffensive animals, except when wounded; and then the old bulls are exceedingly dangerous, and will attack the hunter both with horns and hoot."
  • "But this unfortunately blew directly in their faces, and the dry karoos are never without dust."