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Definition of "kanten" []

  • A kind of gelose or gelatin, sometimes called Japanese isinglass, prepared in Japan from several species of seaweed, particularly from the cartilaginous Florideœ, and used for soups, as well as in the trades, as, for example, in dressing woven goods. It is usually sold in irregular prismatic sticks, resembling glue. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "kanten" in a sentence
  • "For the real audience, the biggest belly-laugh came when Mr Sherr did a Bobby Ologun act – even after establishing very early in the story that he is pretty much fluent in Japanese, going as far as studying classical grammar – when talking to his to-be well, not-to-be as it turned out father-in-law he wanted to use the very basic phrase “kibun tenkan” but instead hammed around “kibun tenken … kanten … tenkan”."
  • "De spin zegt ik leef graag onder kanten voorhangen blouses."
  • "Shûkyôgaku no kanten kara [Studies in the Philosophy of Tanabe: From the Perspective of Religious Studies], Tokyo:"