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  • The principal Swedish unit of capacity, equal to 100 cubic inches, Swedish measure, or 2.615 liters = 2.764 United States quarts = 2.302 imperial quarts. The Swedish system was to be abolished in 1889. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "This noble plant grows likewise at the cape of Good Hope, where it is called kanna, and is in wonderful esteem among the Hottentots."
  • "The plant, known locally as "kanna" or "kougoed", is used by the indigenous Khoi and San communities as a sedative, mood booster, and hunger and thirst suppressant."
  • "Ef við segja eitthvað gegn innflytjendamálum, við getur verið sakaður vegna fordóma og lögreglan hefur alltaf ástæðu til að kanna eða áhrif á mál þitt …"