Definition of "kangaroo-grass" [kangaroo-grass]

  • The Australasian grass Anthistiria ciliata (A. Australis), also diffused through southern Asia and the whole of Africa. (noun)
  • Any one of several species of Australian grasses belonging to the genus Themeda, especially T. triandra, a tall perennial grass, valued for fodder. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "kangaroo-grass" in a sentence
  • "The back country was sandy, having kangaroo-grass upon it and wooded with broad-leaved box, broad-leaved ironbark, bloodwood, and mulga."
  • "At 12.58 came one and three-quarter miles over sandy level land on which I observed, amongst other grasses, tufts of kangaroo-grass."
  • "At 4.10 one mile and a quarter to where we made our Number 11 camp, at which place I observed some first-rate grasses, and for the first time on the Gregory River a few tufts of kangaroo-grass."