Definition of "kame" []

  • A short ridge or mound of sand and gravel deposited during the melting of glacial ice. (noun)
  • An irregular mound or ridge of gravel, sand, etc, deposited by water derived from melting glaciers (noun)

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Use "kame" in a sentence
  • "Teh guy hur libed wif did nawt kauz much truble so wuz gud, den we kaem hom an hims brudder an SIL an neise awl kame ober an we hads few drinkies tugeder an ai nawt uzed to drinkiez so ai has bad hed hurtinz"
  • "September 30, 2009 at 12:36 pm kame tu seatlol yezturdai……."
  • "Oh fanx Anni, ai waz nawt ishuede wiv teh regyoulashun CHRG wen ai kame out ov teh lurking shadoes."