Definition of "kalpak" [kalpak]

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "kalpak" in a sentence
  • "Nearly all the men wore the kalpak and climbed giant trees in nothing more hi-tech than wellington boots to shake down the nuts."
  • "Everywhere women were hard at work, hanging out washing, harvesting, shelling walnuts, building hayricks or even making mud bricks to bake in the sun while the men stood about chatting languidly in every village or squatted together at the roadside wearing their traditional tall Kyrgyz hats of embroidered felt, the ak kalpak, or the ornate pillbox hats of the Uzbeks."
  • "He got up and stood very politely in front of Gloria Vanderman, removing his cossack kalpak for the first time and holding it with a peculiar suggestion of humility."