Definition of "juncture" []

  • The act of joining or the condition of being joined. (noun)
  • A place where two things are joined; a junction or joint. (noun)
  • A point in time, especially a critical point. See Synonyms at crisis. (noun)
  • The transition or mode of transition from one sound to another in speech. (noun)
  • A point in time, esp a critical one (often in the phrase at this juncture) (noun)

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  • A pause in speech or a feature of pronunciation that introduces, accompanies, or replaces a pause (noun)
  • The set of phonological features signalling a division between words, such as those that distinguish a name from an aim (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "juncture" in a sentence
  • "[Warburton explained this as "the critical juncture"] How the _critical juncture_ is the _spy o 'the time_ I know not, but I think my own conjecture right."
  • "Hale Encyclopaedia Britannica Robert A. Fowkes New York University Juncture: Where It Sat Many linguists have, with or without a surgeon's license, operated in the past with the term juncture; at present such linguists appear to have a dim future."
  • "Anyone who thinks that removing Mr. Cameron at this juncture is the answer to the present drop in the polls and the sudden outbreak of critical coverage is, I believe, wrong."