Definition of "jointer" []

  • A machine or tool used in making joints. (noun)
  • A tool used to cut grooves indicating the joints in cement. (noun)
  • A triangular attachment to a plow used in covering trash or refuse. (noun)
  • A tool for pointing mortar joints, as in brickwork (noun)

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  • A long plane for shaping the edges of planks so that they can be fitted together (noun)
  • A person or thing that makes joints (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "jointer" in a sentence
  • "The wearing coat is next divided into sections corresponding with the sections into which the base is divided, by cutting through it with a trowel guided by a straight edge and then rounding the edges of the cut with a special tool called a jointer and shown by Fig. 117."
  • "After the mortar has set, but before it has begun to harden, use a bent round bar called a "jointer" to "tool" each joint: run the bar along each horizontal joint, pressing against the mortar firmly."
  • "Using the slender trowel, I believe called a "jointer" or "joint trowel" (keep in mind my entire knowledge of masonry has been gleaned from catching the odd episode of DIY Network's "Rock Solid") I shaved off excess mud from the joint, did my best to smooth the mortar, and used the brush to finish."