Definition of "jiggery-pokery" []

  • Underhand scheming or behavior: "By some legal—or perhaps illegal—jiggery-pokery, he could declare the election void” ( John Hughes). (noun)
  • Dishonest or deceitful behaviour or business; trickery (noun)

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Use "jiggery-pokery" in a sentence
  • "Statistical jiggery-pokery from Gallup concluded that a tall, married with children, Asian-American, observant Jew of over 65, living in Hawaii and running his own business with an income of over $120,000 a year would be the most content person alive today."
  • "I'm quite good at jiggery-pokery and we had one teacher retire and another land a university job, so here are Kelly and Rachael."
  • "The talk was of planning permission, brownfield and greenfield sites and legal jiggery-pokery, but at its heart was the same tricky notion of fairness that beat within Humphrys' programme."