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  • The Indian tamarisk, Tamarix Indica, a shrub or small tree found throughout India in the marshes of rivers and along the sea-coast. Its wood is used principally as fuel and the smaller twigs are used for thatching and basketry. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "Kinchinjhow, extending for four or five miles east and west; its perpendicular sides studded with the immense icicles, which are said to have obtained for it the name of "jhow," -- the "bearded" Kinchin."
  • "Externally it was as usual chiefly composed of the withered stems of the little asteraceous plant, interwoven with a few jhow-shoots (_Tamarix dioica_) and a little tow-like fibre of the putsan (_Hibiscus cannabinus_), while"
  • "Mil dare not attiirc; icy went with a jhow rriole biuw, i*d mQft inglortouily back."