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  • "ID = 156&NewsID = 754&Type = Main basically, this guy fitzgerald is more concerned with “doing the right thing” than personal wealth and glory†¦ now that the ryan trial in illinois has reached a verdict (GUILTY), he can get back to this business (yep, j.c.) †¦ doesn†™ t hurt to keep those fingers crossed also!"
  • "They had one, a j.c. lowwattage by name, but he left."
  • "Hey, j.c. you wrote; Typical example of a Sunland-Tujunga idiot?"
  • "Behind it, a blue-and-white birthday cake decorated each table. happy birthday, j.c., one read."
  • "The "Wilhelm von Oranse" of 1387, now in the Ambras Museum at Vienna (No. 7), affords splendid examples of the fine embroidered and richly coloured backgrounds we so often see towards 1400 in English MSS., and the Golden Bull of Charles IV., also in the Imperial Library at Vienna (j.c. 338), has the softly curling foliages variously coloured, which form the characteristic difference between the French and English illumination of the fifteenth century."