Definition of "island" [is•land]

  • (noun) A land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water.
  • (noun) Something resembling an island, especially in being isolated or surrounded, as:
  • (noun) An unattached kitchen counter providing easy access from all sides.
  • (noun) A raised curbed area, often used to delineate rows of parking spaces or lanes of traffic.
  • (noun) The superstructure of a ship, especially an aircraft carrier.

Use "island" in a sentence

  • "Abyssinian coast, and anchored at night three leagues short of it, under an island which we named _Crab island_, owing to the great abundance of crabs we found there."
  • "Ethiopia, [Southern Africa,] close adjoining to which is a small island, called _Conie island_, [Dassen island] all low land, and bordered by many dangerous rocks to seawards."
  • "On an island like this, I use the term island because it is only accessible by boat and cut off from the main world, time is not a valuable commodity."

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