Definition of "irresponsible" [ir•re•spon•si•ble]

  • (adjective) Marked by a lack of responsibility: irresponsible accusations.
  • (adjective) Lacking a sense of responsibility; unreliable or untrustworthy.
  • (adjective) Law Not mentally or financially fit to assume responsibility.
  • (adjective) Not liable to be called to account by a higher authority.
  • (noun) One who has no sense of responsibility.

Use "irresponsible" in a sentence

  • ""What shadow of reason," he asks, "is there for doubting that such sales as are necessary and inevitable will be far more sagaciously managed by a Local Board, which the ratepayers elect _for this sole purpose_, than either by magistrates who are irresponsible and do not suffer sensibly from the public vice, or by an _irresponsible_ or _multitudinous_ Committee of Parliament?"
  • "Mr. Holder also lashed out at Republican critics for using what he called "irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric.""
  • "Community this week filed a motion to dismiss what it called an irresponsible lawsuit."

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