Definition of "irremissible" [ir•re•mis•si•ble]

  • Not remissible; unpardonable: irremissible sins. (adjective)

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Use "irremissible" in a sentence
  • "True it is that in writing of the extent of the power conferred, he makes exception for the sins of idolatry and adultery, which he terms irremissible, although Dionysius of Corinth (170) years before held that no sin was excepted from the power of the keys granted by Christ to His Church (Eusebius, Hist."
  • "Thus Tertullian admits the power of the bishop for all but "irremissible" sins."
  • "That then that is said, "All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men," without doubt blasphemy spoken against the Father is included in its largeness; though here again that alone is declared irremissible which is spoken against the Holy Ghost."