Definition of "invertible" [in•vert•i•ble]

  • Able to be inverted, having an inverse. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "invertible" in a sentence
  • "Ketonen's best-known discovery is a sequent calculus for classical propositional logic the logical rules of which are all invertible, meaning that whenever a sequent is of a form that matches the conclusion of a logical rule, the corresponding premisses, defined uniquely from the given sequent and the rule, are also derivable."
  • "Since the transformation is invertible, the essential fact is that any property of the first structure will have a correlated property in the second; and any property of the second will have a correlated property in the first."
  • "Not sure where I read, either, that the use of the term “linear” should not be confused with linear transformation a trend is not invertible, though the line it creates is… maybe it was at the wiki site?"