Definition of "intricate" [in•tri•cate]

  • Having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate. See Synonyms at elaborate. (adjective)
  • Solvable or comprehensible only with painstaking effort. See Synonyms at complex. (adjective)
  • Difficult to understand; obscure; complex; puzzling (adjective)

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  • Entangled or involved (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "intricate" in a sentence
  • "In case you missed the details: Camping's latest Doomsday prediction stemmed from what he described as an intricate mathematical formulation taken directly from numbers in the Bible."
  • "It's true that Gene Wolfe's command of prose is very good, and his far-future Earth-in-decline is worked out in intricate and suggestive detail."
  • "The old man thrust out his tongue; and, to Pool's amazement, he saw the surface of that sensitive organ, from root to tip, tattooed in intricate designs."