Definition of "interpretation" []

  • The act or process of interpreting. (noun)
  • A result of interpreting. (noun)
  • An explanation or conceptualization by a critic of a work of literature, painting, music, or other art form; an exegesis. (noun)
  • A performer's distinctive personal version of a song, dance, piece of music, or role; a rendering. (noun)
  • The act or process of interpreting or explaining; elucidation (noun)

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  • The result of interpreting; an explanation (noun)
  • A particular view of an artistic work, esp as expressed by stylistic individuality in its performance (noun)
  • Explanation, as of the environment, a historical site, etc, provided by the use of original objects, personal experience, visual display material, etc (noun)
  • An allocation of significance to the terms of a purely formal system, by specifying ranges for the variables, denotations for the individual constants, etc; a function from the formal language to such elements of a possible world (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "interpretation" in a sentence
  • "Similarly, again, in some sense of ˜interpretation™, the interpretation of the expression ˜some human™ in the following sentence depends on the interpretation of ˜It is possible that™, but again this is not an example of anaphora:"
  • "Conclusive for the correctness of this interpretation, as represented by the Swedish government, _is the approval the Norwegian government itself gave this interpretation_ by conceding that the Foreign Minister might give direct orders to the Norwegian Consuls, which, in certain cases, implied a hierarchal relationship between the Foreign Minister and the Norwegian"
  • "Hence the root of the matter is the interpretation of the stones, or not so much their full interpretation as the discovery of a _method of interpretation_, which shall be sure."