Definition of "interest" []

  • A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something: an interest in sports. (noun)
  • Something, such as a quality, subject, or activity, that evokes this mental state: counts the theater among his interests. (noun)
  • Regard for one's own benefit or advantage; self-interest. Often used in the plural: It is in your best interest to cooperate. She kept her own interests in mind. (noun)
  • A right, claim, or legal share: an interest in the new company. (noun)
  • Something in which such a right, claim, or share is held: has interests overseas. (noun)
  • The sense of curiosity about or concern with something or someone (noun)

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  • The power of stimulating such a sense (noun)
  • The quality of such stimulation (noun)
  • Something in which one is interested; a hobby or pursuit (noun)
  • Benefit; advantage (noun)
  • A right, share, or claim, esp in a business or property (noun)
  • The business, property, etc, in which a person has such concern (noun)
  • A charge for the use of credit or borrowed money (noun)
  • Such a charge expressed as a percentage per time unit of the sum borrowed or used (noun)
  • A section of a community, etc, whose members have common aims (noun)
  • To arouse or excite the curiosity or concern of (verb)
  • To cause to become involved in something; concern (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "interest" in a sentence
  • "It has become the interest of the planter to make it for the _interest of the people_ to remain on his estate."
  • "It might have been made two or three, or even six times larger, without diminishing from the interest of any one of its pages -- _indeed with an increased interest_ -- but the want of the pecuniary means, and other considerations, have induced me to present it as here seen."
  • ""He jocularly observed, on one occasion, to a creditor, who peremptorily required payment of the interest due on a long-standing debt, 'My dear sir, you know it is not my _interest_ to pay the"