Definition of "intercalation" [in•ter•ca•la•tion]

  • A period inserted into a calendar as in a leap year. (noun)
  • The reversible insertion of a molecule between two others (noun)
  • A layer introduced into a pre-existing sequence (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "intercalation" in a sentence
  • "Ashur points to the late addition of this intercalated month, and makes it probable also that the intercalation is the work of astronomers standing under Assyrian authority."
  • "After this series, I plan to do one called "Present day batteries" where I will focus on intercalation and then one called "Future of batteries" where conversion etc will come in."
  • "“The word seems to be a Customs intercalation,” constitutional scholar Joaquin Bernas, SJ noted."