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Definition of "instillment" [in•still•ment]

  • The act of instilling, or that which is instilled. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "instillment" in a sentence
  • "Now I know that “expert reviewers who are genuinely independent” is an extremely difficult step, and climate science is a very politically contentious field, but the result of all this must be an instillment of a proper and enforced scientific ethic."
  • "The judge described the Broederbond as a national and not a political organization, and said its aims were: 'the attainment of a healthy and progressive unanimity among all Afrikaners who strive for the welfare of the Afrikaner people, the kindling of national self-awareness in the Afrikaner, and the instillment of a love for his language, religion, traditions, country and people; and the promotion of all the interests of the Afrikaner people.'"
  • "It recks little how anciently or from what rudimentary beginnings this peerless impulse dates its growth; whether spontaneous breath of divine instillment, or evolved through cycles of the eternal past, such has sanction and warrant of the Infinite."