Definition of "inheritance" []

  • The act of inheriting. (noun)
  • Something inherited or to be inherited. (noun)
  • Something regarded as a heritage: the cultural inheritance of Rome. See Synonyms at heritage. (noun)
  • Biology The process of genetic transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring. (noun)
  • Biology A characteristic so inherited. (noun)
  • Hereditary succession to an estate, title, etc (noun)

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  • The right of an heir to succeed to property on the death of an ancestor (noun)
  • Something that may legally be transmitted to an heir (noun)
  • The act of inheriting (noun)
  • Something inherited; heritage (noun)
  • The derivation of characteristics of one generation from an earlier one by heredity (noun)
  • Hereditary rights (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "inheritance" in a sentence
  • "_inheritance_ according to _right and justice_; [76] and for that (p. 097) end there have been diverse treaties, as well here as beyond the sea, to his great costs; nevertheless he hath not, by such requests and treaties, obtained his said inheritance, nor any important part thereof: and since the King, neither by the revenues of his realm, nor by any previous grant of subsidy, hath had enough wherewith to pursue"
  • "_great mystery_: for _less_ than an estate of inheritance so _great_ a prince _could_ not have, and an _absolute estate of inheritance_ in so"
  • "Our inheritance is turned over to aliens, our houses to strangers."