Definition of "ingenerable" [in•gen•er•a•ble]

  • Incapable of being generated or created. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ingenerable" in a sentence
  • "That such abstract ideas, with names to them, as we have been speaking of are essences, may further appear by what we are told concerning essences, viz. that they are all ingenerable and incorruptible."
  • "The same unwarranted equation of the two meanings of soul underlies the third argument, (3) the soul as self-moving, which states that since the soul moves itself and is the source of movement and life, it must be immortal because that which moves itself is incor - ruptible and ingenerable (Phaedrus 245C-246A)."
  • "Seasoning from the common course of nature, and without supposing any new interposition of the Supreme Cause, which ought always to be excluded from philosophy, _what is incorruptible must also be ingenerable_."