Definition of "infection" []

  • Invasion by and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in a bodily part or tissue, which may produce subsequent tissue injury and progress to overt disease through a variety of cellular or toxic mechanisms. (noun)
  • An instance of being infected. (noun)
  • An agent or a contaminated substance responsible for one's becoming infected. (noun)
  • The pathological state resulting from having been infected. (noun)
  • An infectious disease. (noun)
  • Invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms (noun)

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  • The resulting condition in the tissues (noun)
  • An infectious disease (noun)
  • The act of infecting or state of being infected (noun)
  • An agent or influence that infects (noun)
  • Persuasion or corruption, as by ideas, perverse influences, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "infection" in a sentence
  • "The word infection means different things to different people."
  • "He tried to recall the word infection, chided himself for letting so crucial a term slip from his memory."
  • "The reason the statistic is so stunning is because the figures used to determine the difference in infection rates uses a bizarrely low estimate of the percentage of the population covered by the term “men who have sex with men”."