Definition of "individual" [in•di•vid•u•al]

  • (adjective) Of or relating to an individual, especially a single human: individual consciousness.
  • (adjective) By or for one person: individual work; an individual portion.
  • (adjective) Existing as a distinct entity; separate: individual drops of rain.
  • (adjective) Marked by or expressing individuality; distinctive or individualistic: an individual way of dressing.
  • (adjective) Special; particular: Each variety of melon has its individual flavor and texture.

Use "individual" in a sentence

  • "If they are parts of an individual, plants also are subject to considerable changes during their _individual_ lives."
  • "'Although there exists nothing IN NATURE except individual bodies, exhibiting distinct individual _effects, according to individual_"
  • "But because the will has here become individual it must be deceived in such a manner for it to discern by the sense of the _individual_ what the sense of the species has presented to it; in other words, imagine it is pursuing ends concerning the individual, when in reality it is pursuing merely general ends (using the word general in its strictest sense)."

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