Definition of "indicator" []

  • One that indicates, especially: (noun)
  • A pointer or an index. (noun)
  • An instrument used to monitor the operation or condition of an engine, furnace, electrical network, reservoir, or other physical system; a meter or gauge. (noun)
  • The needle, dial, or other registering device on such an instrument. (noun)
  • Chemistry Any of various substances, such as litmus or phenolphthalein, that indicate the presence, absence, or concentration of another substance or the degree of reaction between two or more substances by means of a characteristic change, especially in color. (noun)
  • Something that provides an indication, esp of trends (noun)

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  • A device to attract attention, such as the pointer of a gauge or a warning lamp (noun)
  • An instrument that displays certain operating conditions in a machine, such as a gauge showing temperature, speed, pressure, etc (noun)
  • A device that records or registers something, such as the movements of a lift, or that shows information, such as arrival and departure times of trains (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A device for indicating that a motor vehicle is about to turn left or right, esp two pairs of lights that flash when operated or a pair of trafficators (noun)
  • A delicate measuring instrument used to determine small differences in the height of mechanical components. It consists of a spring-loaded plunger that operates a pointer moving over a circular scale (noun)
  • A substance used in titrations to indicate the completion of a chemical reaction, usually by a change of colour (noun)
  • A substance, such as litmus, that indicates the presence of an acid or alkali (noun)
  • A plant or animal species that thrives only under particular environmental conditions and therefore indicates these conditions where it is found (noun)
  • A species of plant or animal whose well-being confirms the well-being of other species in the area (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "indicator" in a sentence
  • "Another indicator is the 2006 Zogby poll that found 67 percent of citizens wanted immigration decreased so we can assimilate those already here."
  • "Another indicator is an e-mail from AIWF and the Dallas Farmers Market outlining their fall line-up of cooking classes."
  • "But the really troubling part of this indicator is the large number of countries with less than one line per 100 people."