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Definition of "incorruption" [in•cor•rup•tion]

  • The state of being incorrupt (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "incorruption" in a sentence
  • "Lord Jesus Christ in incorruption, who continue constant in their love to him, so as not to be corrupted out of it by any baits or seductions whatsoever, and whose love to him is uncorrupted by any opposite lust, or the love of any thing displeasing to him."
  • "And, therefore, since the Lord has power to infuse life into what He has fashioned, and since the flesh is capable of being quickened, what remains to prevent its participating in incorruption, which is a blissful and never-ending life granted by God?"
  • "But no such thing shall inherit the heavenly regions; for this were for corruption to inherit incorruption, which is little better than a contradiction in terms."