Definition of "impression" []

  • An effect, feeling, or image retained as a consequence of experience. (noun)
  • A vague notion, remembrance, or belief: I have the impression that we have met once before. (noun)
  • A mark produced on a surface by pressure. (noun)
  • The act or process of impressing. (noun)
  • Printing All the copies of a publication printed at one time from the same set of type. (noun)
  • An effect produced in the mind by a stimulus; sensation (noun)

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  • An imprint or mark produced by pressing (noun)
  • A vague idea, consciousness, or belief (noun)
  • A strong, favourable, or remarkable effect (noun)
  • The act of impressing or the state of being impressed (noun)
  • The act, process, or result of printing from type, plates, etc (noun)
  • One of a number of printings of a publication printed from the same setting of type with no or few alterations (noun)
  • The total number of copies of a publication printed at one time (noun)
  • An imprint of the teeth and gums, esp in wax or plaster, for use in preparing crowns, inlays, or dentures (noun)
  • An imitation or impersonation (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "impression" in a sentence
  • "And Sextus reports that Arcesilaus also objected to Zeno's conception of belief as assent to an impression, on the ground that assent is a matter of reason or thinking, rather than the acceptance of a non-rational ˜impression™ (M. 7.154)."
  • "I think an occasional rest-day is as necessary to the tired brain as the photographer's dark room is to the development of the negative impression -- without it the brain would, indeed, record a "_negative impression_.""
  • "– My main impression is that this story could work as an introspective drama (maybe something like a coming-of-age story), but it does not feel like it has much comedic potential."