Definition of "imperium" []

  • Absolute rule; supreme power. (noun)
  • A sphere of power or dominion; an empire. (noun)
  • Law The right or power of a state to enforce the law. (noun)
  • (in ancient Rome) the supreme power, held esp by consuls and emperors, to command and administer in military, judicial, and civil affairs (noun)

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  • The right to command; supreme power (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "imperium" in a sentence
  • "Whenever I picture the word imperium it is always Pompey who comes into my mind—Pompey that night, hovering over his map of the Mediterranean, distributing dominion over land and sea as casually as he dispensed his wine “Marcellinus, you can have the Libyan sea, while you, Torquatus, shall have eastern Spain…”, and Pompey the following morning, when he went down into the Forum to claim his prize."
  • "Imperialism, on the other hand, comes from the Latin term imperium, meaning to command."
  • "If this era of reluctant imperium is to leave a lasting global mark, we must know what we are up to; we must have a sense that supremacy is bent toward a purpose and is not simply an end in itself."