Definition of "imperishably" [imperishably]

  • In an imperishable manner. (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "imperishably" in a sentence
  • "Hulett unobtrusively, silently but indomitably pressed her way to the front of the legal profession, and established herself there, she vindicated the right of her sex to contend for the highest prizes of life, and left her countrywomen a legacy which will ultimately blazon her name imperishably in the history of the advancement of women; and every American woman who, like her, goes to the front of any honorable occupation, employment or profession, and stays there, becomes her coädjutor in work and a sharer in her reward."
  • "To the student of the history of exploration, however, Port Lincoln is interesting even beyond the measure of its beauty; for there, in 1841, Sir John Franklin, then governor of Tasmania, erected at his own cost a monument to the honour of Flinders, his old commander, from whom he imbibed that passion for exploration which was in due time to place his own name imperishably amongst the glorious company of great English seamen."
  • "Normally this would be a signal for Hansard reporters to send for bulrushes to make into parchment in order to imperishably record every word."