Definition of "imperial" []

  • Of, relating to, or suggestive of an empire or a sovereign, especially an emperor or empress: imperial rule; the imperial palace. (adjective)
  • Ruling over extensive territories or over colonies or dependencies: imperial nations. (adjective)
  • Having supreme authority; sovereign. (adjective)
  • Regal; majestic. (adjective)
  • Outstanding in size or quality. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to an empire, emperor, or empress (adjective)

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  • Characteristic of or befitting an emperor; majestic; commanding (adjective)
  • Characteristic of or exercising supreme authority; imperious (adjective)
  • (esp of products and commodities) of a superior size or quality (adjective)
  • (of weights, measures, etc) conforming to standards or definitions legally established in Britain (adjective)
  • Any of various book sizes, esp 71⁄2 by 11 inches (imperial octavo) or (chiefly Brit) 11 by 15 inches (imperial quarto) (noun)
  • A size of writing or printing paper, 23 by 31 inches (US and Canadian) or 22 by 30 inches (Brit) (noun)
  • (formerly) a Russian gold coin originally worth ten roubles (noun)
  • The top of a carriage, such as a diligence (noun)
  • A luggage case carried there (noun)
  • A dome that has a point at the top (noun)
  • A small tufted beard popularized by the emperor Napoleon III (noun)
  • A member of an imperial family, esp an emperor or empress (noun)
  • A red deer having antlers with fourteen points (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "imperial" in a sentence
  • ""_Item_ -- They shall tell him about a meeting between the imperial and ducal ambassadors, at which meeting there was some talk of making a kingdom out of certain lands of Monseigneur and joining these to an _imperial_ vicariate of all the lands and principalities lying along the Rhine.""
  • "The relation of England to her free colonies is not in the proper sense of the term imperial, while her relation to such dependencies as Gibraltar and Malta is military alone."
  • "Vietnam has fought off five of what it calls imperial intrusions over the centuries — the Mongols, Han Chinese, French, Americans and modern Chinese — thanks to its incredible discipline and self-sacrifice."