Definition of "imperator" [‖Im•pe•ra•tor]

  • An army commander in the Roman Republic. (noun)
  • The supreme power of the Roman emperor. (noun)
  • The head of state and supreme commander in the Roman Empire, in whose name all victories were won. (noun)

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Use "imperator" in a sentence
  • "The Latin word imperator referred not only to a civilian ruler who interpreted and carried out the law but also to a victorious commander of one or more Roman legions."
  • "He chafed against the implication of coercion in the word imperator: “We could more truly have been titled a protectorate than an empire of the world.”"
  • "Anyone who cannot understand what rex imperator is saying and trying to point out needs to consider (if they are a police officer) whether they are suitable to continue in the office of constable on February 10, 2009 at 1: 04 pm | Reply Von Spreuth"