Definition of "immovable" [im•mov•a•ble]

  • Impossible to move. (adjective)
  • Incapable of movement. (adjective)
  • Impossible to alter: immovable plans. (adjective)
  • Unyielding in principle, purpose, or adherence; steadfast. (adjective)
  • Incapable of being moved emotionally. (adjective)

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Use "immovable" in a sentence
  • "I must have sat in immovable traffic for an hour thinking to myself that there is no way this city is going to successfully pull off an Olympic Games, until I finally gave up and headed home."
  • "Strictly speaking, however, a fief was usually defined as immovable property whose usufruct perpetually conceded to another under the obligation of fealty and personal homage."
  • "And it turneth no more to this or to that, but it willeth always One, and that is God; to Him it cleaveth alway, without any going back; and therefore is it called immovable, for it suffereth not itself to be moved from God."