Definition of "immersion" [im•mer•sion]

  • (noun) The act or an instance of immersing.
  • (noun) The condition of being immersed.
  • (noun) Baptism performed by totally submerging a person in water.
  • (noun) Astronomy The obscuring of a celestial body by another or by the shadow of another.

Use "immersion" in a sentence

  • "So, but, you know, the flip side of that -- and a lot of psychologists were talking about this -- is, one of the treatments to try and avoid PTSD is what they called immersion therapy."
  • ""He is known for teaching through what he calls immersion experiences: bringing cultural awareness as well as language instruction to the classroom and leading students on 'home stays' in Mexico and Spain," Gist continued."
  • "Yes, complete immersion is absolutely the best method."

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