Definition of "imbruing" [imbruing]

  • Present participle of imbrue. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "imbruing" in a sentence
  • "He thought of the knife in his belt, and how easily he could despatch the Indian in a moment as he lay; but then the idea of imbruing his hands in human blood seemed so awful that he could not bring himself to do it."
  • "I thought, What if the young man who was with so much difficulty restrained from imbruing his hands in me should yield to a constitutional impatience, or should mistake the time, and should think himself accredited to my heart and liver to – night, instead of to – morrow!"
  • "Virginius, in killing his daughter, to preserve her from falling a victim to the lust of the decemvir Claudius, was guilty of the highest rashness; since he might certainly have gained the people, already irritated against the tyrant, without imbruing his hands in his own blood."
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