Definition of "illegality" []

  • The quality or state of being illegal. (noun)
  • An illegal act. (noun)
  • Forbidden by law; unlawful; illicit (adjective)

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  • Unauthorized or prohibited by a code of official or accepted rules (adjective)
  • A person who has entered or attempted to enter a country illegally (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "illegality" in a sentence
  • "Because conservatives say that the illegality is the problem."
  • "On blackmail: the illegality is not in the threat, but in the promise not to carry out the threat if money is paid."
  • "These "settlements" are illegal, hence another irony, that their illegality is prosecuted, while illegal West Bank settlements at the core of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute are permitted by the government, or ignored as the disputes between Jewish settlers and their government await a "political solution.""