Definition of "ideology" []

  • The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class, or culture. (noun)
  • A set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system. (noun)
  • A body of ideas that reflects the beliefs and interests of a nation, political system, etc and underlies political action (noun)

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  • The set of beliefs by which a group or society orders reality so as to render it intelligible (noun)
  • Speculation that is imaginary or visionary (noun)
  • The study of the nature and origin of ideas (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "ideology" in a sentence
  • "But then, consistency in ideology is not the strong suit of many."
  • "I'm usually ok doing presentations and speeches. .i used to do public speaking at school. .won a couple of competitions here and there. .but with those i usually got to choose the subject matter. .with this it was set for me and i really don't have a clue about the term ideology at all."
  • "The term ideology refers to this simultaneous war on reality and campaign for unreality."