Definition of "idea" [i•de•a]

  • (noun) Something, such as a thought or conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity.
  • (noun) An opinion, conviction, or principle: has some strange political ideas.
  • (noun) A plan, scheme, or method.
  • (noun) The gist of a specific situation; significance: The idea is to finish the project under budget.
  • (noun) A notion; a fancy.
  • (noun) any content of the mind, esp the conscious mind
  • (noun) the thought of something
  • (noun) a mental representation of something
  • (noun) the characterization of something in general terms; concept
  • (noun) an individual's conception of something
  • (noun) the belief that something is the case
  • (noun) a scheme, intention, plan, etc
  • (noun) a vague notion or indication; inkling
  • (noun) significance or purpose
  • (noun) a private mental object, regarded as the immediate object of thought or perception
  • (noun) a Platonic Idea or Form
  • (noun) a thematic phrase or figure; motif
  • (noun) a mental image

Use "idea" in a sentence

  • "Scratch that "great idea," bit, here's a *stupid idea*: only Internet Explorer...."
  • "Or rather it might be said that an idea, the _big idea_, danced unceremoniously into his brain, and, beginning to take definite and concrete form, chased a score of other smaller ideas through all the thought-channels of his handsome, boyish, well-rounded head."
  • "The modern idea lays stress first of all on the _idea_ in music."

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