Definition of "iconologist" []

  • One versed in iconology: one who makes a specialty of the study and identification of statues, painted or engraved likenesses, etc. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "Well, that was a speculation that would have to wait for a twenty first century Marxian-Darwinian iconologist, one who began with the invention of the computer and the discovery of the gene as taken-for-granted "discourse networks" (to echo Friedrich Kittler's phrase)."
  • "The iconologist will be grateful for the chapter on 'The Apotheosis of Newton in Art,' for that on 'The Manufacture of the Past in Nineteenth-Century Painting,' and for its sequel on 'The Old Masters in Nineteenth-Century French Painting.'"
  • "Panofsky, "Though Panofsky is considered the" ur-iconologist, "his methodology was diverse and is difficult to summarize."