Definition of "icon" []

  • An image; a representation. (noun)
  • A representation or picture of a sacred or sanctified Christian personage, traditionally used and venerated in the Eastern Church. (noun)
  • An important and enduring symbol: "Voyager will take its place ... alongside such icons of airborne adventure as The Spirit of St. Louis and [the] Bell X-1” ( William D. Marbach). (noun)
  • One who is the object of great attention and devotion; an idol: "He is ... a pop icon designed and manufactured for the video generation” ( Harry F. Waters). (noun)
  • Computer Science A picture on a screen that represents a specific file, directory, window, option, or program. (noun)
  • A representation of Christ, the Virgin Mary, or a saint, esp one painted in oil on a wooden panel, depicted in a traditional Byzantine style and venerated in the Eastern Church (noun)

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  • An image, picture, representation, etc (noun)
  • A person or thing regarded as a symbol of a belief, nation, community, or cultural movement (noun)
  • A person regarded as a sex symbol or as a symbol of the latest fashion trends (noun)
  • A pictorial representation of a facility available on a computer system, that enables the facility to be activated by means of a screen cursor rather than by a textual instruction (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "icon" in a sentence
  • "Tonight while listening to many showing their respect for this premier journalist; I heard the term icon and he was more than an icon."
  • "I thought you should know. your blog no longer loads the title icon or sidebar in Safari 1.0.3 on my Mac running OS X 10.2.8."
  • "I set the Windows 'make text larger/smaller' zoom to Medium (125%) and found that now half the Ribbon panels do not display the commands, just the title icon, no matter how wide I make the Ribbon (I have it docked vertically on the left)."