Definition of "ickiest" [ickiest]

  • Superlative form of icky: most icky. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ickiest" in a sentence
  • "This episode's B-story also gives us the week's ickiest scene, as Dr. Robbins, out of the morgue for a change, performs a "crash C-section" on a pregnant teen who's just hanged herself, slicing open the dead girl's belly as Nick watches in awe and we cover our eyes."
  • "Three scenes in particular are almost puke-worthy: when Goldblum shows Geena Davis how “Brundlefly” eats, when Brundlefly undergoes his final metamorphosis, and, ickiest of all, when the pregnant Geena Davis experiences a dream (prophecy? flash forward?) in which she goes into labor and ends up squirting out a wriggling watermelon-sized maggot."
  • "If nothing else, it should lead to the ickiest TV since Sonny and Cher traded boyfriend barbs on their reconstituted post-divorce variety show, which was an older generation's version of reality."