Definition of "ice-foot" [ice-foot]

  • A belt of ice, in northern seas, built up chiefly by the accumulation of the autumn snowfall, which becomes converted into ice when it meets the sea-water, and thus forms a solid wall from the bottom of the sea upward, increasing in height as the snow accumulates. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ice-foot" in a sentence
  • "In contrast to that part of the ice-foot to which we had made fast, the inner bay seemed to consist of ice that had been forced up by pressure."
  • "It did not take long to moor the vessel to the fixed ice-foot, which here extended for about a mile and a quarter beyond the edge of the Barrier."
  • "Seals were lying along the ice-foot as far as the eye could reach -- great, fat mountains of flesh; food enough to last us and the dogs for years."